Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tuesday, February 7
Seed starting cardoons in 4" pots, indoors

Wednesday, February 8
extraordinary weather, 72 degrees
start bronze fennel, Voss seed, indoors
plant out 1/2 flat Valentina lettuce mix in top beds
spray for aphids on Kale
rake pathways on top level
spring clean flower beds
separate and plant out ajuga and red sorrel

Saturday, February 11
Plant asparagus in pots

Sunday, February 12
transplant fava beans from pots to level 2 edge (companion with green garlic)
harvest arugula and artisan winter salad for chef
harvest watermelon radishes, starting to bolt

Wednesday, February 15
Beautification Day
Plant out violas, red lubelia, sedums
Plant cuttings of dusty miller, assorted succulents
Revamp front porch, cut back lavender, replace old flowers with new
Transplant mint out of pots into kitchen herb garden
Clear out bed #2 to make way for peas
Soak and inoculate shelling peas
Thin out harvested cauliflower stalks from beds 3 and 4
Harvest broccoli tips

Thursday, February 16
seed planted shelling peas in bed 2
inoculated 2nd planting of pea seeds
cleared front of Gabe bed for more peas

Friday, February 17
work Gabe Bed; seed plant English shelling peas, plant out potted Snow Peas, plant out Little Gems
prepare upper bed for more Little Gems
inoculate Scarlet Runner Beans
soak Early Wonder beet seed overnite

Saturday, February 18
start Scarlett Runner Beans in pots, indoors
seed plant Early Wonder Beets, Gabe Bed/right
take out arugula, amend and prep Gabe Bed/center
transplant more fava beans from pots to Level 2/edge
restart purple asparagus in pots
plant out Little Gems on top, cover
cut back big grasses on top

Sunday, February 19
start by seed in 6 packs, indoors:
Runway Arugula
Lettuce, Garnet Rose
Broccoli, All Season Blend
Zinger Hibiscus
Celery, Tall Utah 52/70 Improved
Oregano, Purple Italian Heirloom

Tuesday, February 21
prune grapes on level 2, clean beds and trellises
made a wreath
fill 6packs for seed starting
amend and row out carrot bed on top
soak rainbow beet seed

Thursday, February 23
cover beets and peas
plant carrots and cover
take out bolting arugula in Level 1/edge, prepare for spinach
cardoons are up!

Friday, February 24
broadcast poppy seed mix (in sawdust), Ray Bed, cover
seed plant spinach, Japanese and hybrid slow bolting, Level 1/edge, cover
feed nitrogen hungry spinach with manure and Sustain
broadcast mild microgreens mix, big holed shaker method, Level 1/edge, cover
transplant more fava beans into green garlic bed, Level 2/edge
water everything

Saturday, February 25
Seeds Planted Today:
Flat Leaf Parsley, Burgandy Amaranth, Greek Sage,
Scallions, Cippolini Onions, Cilantro,
Kale-(Tuscan, Red, Blue,Green, Russian, Flowering)
in 6 packs, indoors

Sunday, February 26
make simple fixes on irrigation system, (weird, its the rainy season)
harvest and pull arugula, Level 2/wall and Long Bed, amend and
broadcast purple mizuna, cover

Monday, February 27
harvest for chef, press luncheon
take out flowering Napa Cabbage and Asian Greens
cut back Tuscan Kale

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