Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shake Your Rootie

I dread planting carrots. The seeds are so small and reading glasses in the field feel downright silly. Fingers are not so nimble and squatting is awkward. Broadcasting methods have failed me.
The rows were ready to sow but procrastination hovered.
While plotting the garden in the wee hours, the thought of a seed shaker came to me. Seemed like a good idea so I tried it. Works like a charm, distributes the seed evenly, and waaay more fun!

The carrots are heirloom, a 19th century Parisian favorite called Tonda di Parigi or Daucus carota sativus. Aren't they adorable! Much cuter than those puny shaved ones. The roots are shallow and grow well in heavy soils,perfect for the upper beds here. It takes years to build good soil.

Chefs value Voss Garden carrots for their superior taste. Our mineral rich terroir seeps its goodness into the roots.
Yes, there is some truth to Juan Valdez and his "mountain grown" claims to enhanced flavor.

cover beets and peas
plant carrots and cover
take out bolting arugula in Level 1/edge, prepare for spinach
cardoons are up!

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