Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back To Eden

Been away for a while… The holidaze came upon us with plenty of good meals with good people. A new computer (thank you Santa) totally distracted my food blogage as I jumped into the photo software and wireless world and set up a shop for my crafts on Etsy. My New Years Resolution was to complete a 4 year cookbook project, “China Bend Fare,” a collection of recipes from my favorite organic winery, farm, and Bed and Breakfast in North Eastern Washington. Done. I’m happy to say it is finally off to the publisher. Look for it in 4-6 weeks. I just returned from a short trip to The Big Apple to attend a food event which celebrated the fusion of New American and Japanese Cuisine. The chef is my son, Reflection Israel.

The earthquake in Haiti jolted us all. As the dust settles, my commitment to growing organic food and building a model for sustainable agriculture is strengthened. Better not mess with Mother Nature.

Recent violent storms on the California coast set my garden into hunker down mode but nothing died. So now let us sing praises to my fierce brassicas. They have withstood a multitude of pests, frost, 50 mph winds, hail, and rain that looks like the gods are dumping their tarps. Yet these extreme conditions have only enhanced their flavor. Food with this kind of vitality is what real nourishment is all about. You are what you eat and frankly, I wouldn’t mind looking as good as these cabbage patch beauties.