Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday Crepes

I forgot how good crepes are until a mutant tree oyster mushroom (featured on a previous post, "Its Alive!!") inspired a mushroom crepe with wine and cheese sauce. So chic for a soiree.

Being more of a gardener then a food writer, although wildly enthusiastic about food and words, I suggest you google a basic crepe recipe and then run with it. Make them ahead and keep on hand for when the crepe muse calls.

So on this day of fat, crepe play is encouraged with three little words.

Sweet! Savory! Saucy!

prune grapes on level 2, clean beds and trelisses
made a wreath
fill 6packs for seed starting
amend and row out carrot bed on top
soak rainbow beet seed

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