Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Out To Lunch

Some days gardeners get out.
 Like today, for a Press Luncheon at Montalvo, featuring the culinary musings of Niki Ford.
 Go Niki! Go Niki!
The table is set.
(first rate pizza oven outside)

The Menu:
 First course, my mountain grown assemblage of
 arugula, chickweed, endive, escarole, french sorrel, frisee, green lettuce mix, marjoram, miners lettuce, mint, mizuna, mustard, parsley, puntarelle chicory, purple mizuna,
radicchio, red lettuce mix, red veined sorrel, spinach, tat soy, wild cress, wild sorrel.

Alexis, the Egg Lady from Soul Food Farms, lays out her fare.

 Niki mingles her palette of color, texture and taste.
Oops, we forgot the edible flowers!
A yummy photo however... there are no mistakes in art.

Thanks to all for doing lunch.
Lets do it and do it and do it and do it!

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