Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wherever I Go, There I Am

Back in the Garden again, even when I go away.

Urban agriculture shines on my list of Favorite Things.
It warms my heart to see human creativity put to the test of growing food in your neighborhood.
This garden thrives a few blocks from my son's apartment in the Emerald City.
 My visits always include a sojourn through the community pea patch.

The landscape juxtaposes old and new. The garden remains timeless.

Community members express individuality in their plots.
Recycled found objects can prove arty.

 A makeshift hoop house made of PVC pipe and cover cloth gives shelter from the storm.
Starting beds are covered with old newspaper until germination.
 No problem keeping things moist here.

I could wax poetic about compost.

Strange as it seems, there are days you need to collect rain water in Seattle.

Food and flowers, so happy together.

A hipster moment....

 Luv those black patent heels struttin' in the garden girrrl!

Country, City
Ain't it pretty?

The gates to a little chunk of heaven.

Thank you Seattle peapatchers! Keep up the good work!

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