Monday, April 2, 2012


Catch of the Day

Monday, April 2
plant out flat of shelling peas in assorted beds
cage pea plants in Gabe Bed/left and center
take out purple mizuna, Wall 2
take out arugula, kitchen bed
harvest for chef
Tuesday, April 3
seed plant arugula, shaker method, Cherry and Experimental Bed
plant out orach and tuscan kale, Wall 2
plant out orach and russian kale, Gabe Bed/left (kale between white radish)
plant out red lettuce, Long Bed
weed around Bed 5
organize seeds in New Room
Wednesday, April 4
plant out broccoli in Sam Bed
plant out red kale in Bed 4, Willow Bed/front, Scottie Bed/end
plant out flowering kale, Scottie Bed/end
thin poppies in Ray Bed
thin larkspur in Lion Bed, move to kitchen stairs
move terra cotta pots from front door to Man Garden (Randall)
transplant Lavender and Dusty Miller from tc pots to kitchen stairs
clean out and manure Kitchen Bed/front
Thursday, April 5
prepare row of 15 gallon pots for kitchen garden/front
prep kitchen garden/front, move lavender plant to stairs, scuffle hoe
plant out Wasabi Arugula in kitchen pots
plant out blue kale in kitchen garden/front
water yesterday's transplants
Friday, April 6
owee! tweeked back lugging those 15gal pots
Saturday, April 7
seed plant arugula, shaker method, front garden bed, cover
seed plant arugula cross breed, shaker method, front garden pots, cover
transplant chives into pots
start mini tray of micro greens
prep bed 4 for more kale
harvest beets and cauliflower for dinner
Monday, April 9
harvest for chef
plant out kale in Bed 3
take out Russian Kale, Level 2/wall, amend
plant out kale, Level 2/wall
plant out Lupins in Ray Bed and Lion Bed
take covers off arugula in Experimental and Cherry Tree beds, 6 days
Tuesday, April 10
harvest 5# salad for Niki's dinner
April 11-18
raining and away to Seattle
Friday, April 20
fire up irrigation
start in flats: cukes -Persian and space savers, romanesco zucchini, beans -purple, yellow, green,
pumpkins, delicata squash, eggplant, cantaloupe, red veined amaranth, replant hibiscus
harvest purple cauliflower
Saturday, April 21
start in flats: scarlet runner beans, zinnias, yellow cosmos, sunflowers(hopefully red), nasturtiums,
Sunday, April 22
start to thin and transplant lettuce, too hot
landscape new back entrance to top level, fix fence, plant agaves
Monday, April 23
Harvest for chef
take out all chard except Gabe Bed, cut back
take out spinach, Edge/level 2
thin arugula beds for microgreens
Tuesday, April 24
new gardener working little farm, turn and bring in manure
transplant lettuces out of Bed 3 to top level
work beds on top, set up cages for sr beans
took sc runner beans out of New Room to harden off
Wednesday, April 25
plant out parsley on top
Thursday, April 26
plant out sc runner beans in cages on top (big starts)
transplant lettuces from Beds 3and 5 to top
sluggo on Level 2 wall, replace ravaged lettuces
get fish heads from Jimmy, freeze
Friday, April 27
buy tomato starts-12
Saturday, April 28
transplant tomatoes into 6" pots, rearrange New room shelves for them
Monday, April 30
thin arugula in Kitchen Bed for microgreens

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