Saturday, June 2, 2012


Saturday, June 2
plant out watercress in clumps in upper beds
plant out purple bush beans, Willow Bed front
plant out Blue Lake Beans, Willow Bed cage w/favas, cage in Scott Bed
set gopher traps in Bed 5, Edge 2, Gabe Bed
plant out moss and wooley thyme ground covers off bedroom deck where roses were removed
Sunday, June 3
dig out 2 heirloom volunteer tomatos (yellow plum?) from Gabe Bed
amend holes and replant in Gabe Bed and Sam Bed in pot
thin out sunflowers from Little Farm rows, replant in kitchen beds and big pots
June 4-June 12
Wednesday, June 13
back, nothing died, harvest for Jessica Theroux
Jimmy and crew still working on retaining wall
Friday, June 15
take out lettuces, Bed 3, give away
Saturday, June 16
plant out Persian Cukes  - end of Beds 3, 4, and Edge
take out red mizuna, Long Bed and Wall 2
take out snow peas, Gabe right
take out snow peas, Gabe right
Sunday, June 17
plant out space saver cukes in Sam Bed
plant out pumpkins, Gabe Right, Magnolia, end of Sam
plant out red sunflowers, new Cherry Bed
Monday, June 18
harvest for chef
take out snap peas, Gabe Left
all lettuces out of Bed 3 but for seed plants
plant out rest of kolrabi, Level 2, wall
turn, amend and prep Long Bed for lettuce planting
plant out nasturtiums and lupin in Cherry Bed
"                                               " in Kitchen Bed
take out arugula in big pots and Cherry Bed
Tuesday, June 19
seed plant, shaker method, lettuce (2mixes) Long Bed, arugula/Cherry Beds, cover
take out all favas, turn Edge 2,
set up netting in Kitchen Bed for SR beans
pot up in gallons, "Love Lies Bleeding","Erotic Love", Spanish Thyme, spikey grasses
Daryll working on irrigation
Josh bringing in horse manure
Wednesday, June 20
shop for pepper starts, new sprinklers
experiment with sprinklers
turn Edge 2, amend, plant out space cukes
plant out Scarlett Runner Beans in Kitchen Bed
prep Willow Bed for SR Beans
Thursday, June 21
gopher in Kitchen Bed grrrrr
plant out  6 Anaheim and 1 pimento peppers in pots, Kitchen Beds
plant out eggplant in pots, Kitchen Beds
plant out Delecata Squash, onions, amaranth, Edge/Level 2
plant out SR Beans, Willow Bed
plant out yellow cosmos, here and there
plant out micro brassica mix and red-veined amaranth in Long Bed
start in flats, butternut squash, Italian parsley, opal and thai basil
got the gopher, yay
Saturday, June 23
take out lettuce in back of bean cages, Top - harvest for dinner
rework irrigation in front of house around new retaining wall, rearrange pots,etc.
plant out bronze fennel, purple oregano, lemon balm, New Room Bed
cut back artichokes, Bed 1
pot into 1/2 gallons, oregano, sage, zinnias, nicotinia
Sunday, June 24
further tweek irrigation in front
damn gopher in Edge 2
prepare holes for melons, Gabe/Left
take out all beets
take out arugula in Kitchen and Cherry Beds, harvest for chef
Monday, June 25
first squash blossoms, zuchinni is setting
harvest for chef, take out lettuce on Edge 2 and top behind beans
turn and amend Edge 2, Cherry and Kitchen Beds, prepare for planting
Darryl put in medicine plant, irrigation
pm session, plant out melons and corn, Gabe/Left
Arugula up, 5 days
Wednesday, June 27
landscape out steps in guest room
pot up basil,(bought starts at Mountain Feed) some for cloche,
some planted out in Gabe Bed Right (leaky irrigation, very wet)
cage volunteer tomatoes
plant out 2 pablano peppers in pots, front of New Room
Thursday, June 28
got gopher, Wall 2, set more traps, quite a problem this year
seed plant lettuces, shaker method, Wall 2, Top, cover
seed plant arugula, shaker, Cherry and Kitchen Beds, cover
thin out arugula and plant starts, Cherry Beds

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