Friday, June 1, 2012

My Big Fat Wedding Brunch

I got married last weekend. It was a small ceremony on the beach followed by brunch at home.The reception will be in September, also in our home at Voss Gardens.

The brunch for 14 was orchestrated by my wildly creative partner in food fun, personal chef Jon Lagardere, and sous chef Josh, our live-in stagiaire for Manresa restaurant in Los Gatos. The menu featured cuisine from our garden, which we harvested together in grand celebratory style the night before. Our  Divine Light Minister, a dear old friend, and his charming wife, my Maid of Honor/Beck and Call Girl, also played a key part in the food gathering ritual.

While we were on the beach saying our vows, the chefs scurried around the kitchen like elves making magic. We came home to a wonderland of freshly picked flowers, a table set with elegance, chilled champagne and copious platters of select cheeses, spreads, and fruits. Bottles were popped, toasts were made, people milled and mingled, sat down, feasted, and toasted some more. Then we made beautiful music together,
at least we thought we did.

My Big Fat Wedding Brunch Menu

 Voss Garden Artichokes with Garlic Aioli
 Voss Garden Arugula Salad, garnished with Blood Sorrel, Orach and Nasturtiums
dressed with German Baked Eggs and Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette
 Savory Crepes filled with San Francisco Bay Dungeness Crab and creme fresh,
adorned with smoked salmon and fresh Voss Garden sorrel sauce
 Mom's Cherry Pie
Hubby's Homemade Loquat Ice Cream

Let the revelry begin!

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