Friday, May 11, 2012

Bean Poles

Here's the skinny on beans.  I plant them in cages made from wire fencing, 9 feet high, 2 feet in diameter, secured with bamboo poles. The 5" grid leaves plenty of room for harvesting hands. Since my territory is terraced I'm always looking for the best use of vertical space. The upwardly mobile bean plants cling to the cage, allowing the vines to rise up and yield beaucoup returns on a limited share of garden real estate. Lightweight, a breeze for the lone gardener to move, they can be reused year after year. Perching on the wires, the caged birds sing, and I know why.  Cages are fabulous support networks for tomatoes, peas, or placed sideways for cucumbers and brassicas.
In a pinch of desperation I've jerry rigged a few into some no nonsense booby traps for deer.

Note to self: Be careful not to fall into them...

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