Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Tuesday, May 1
too much commotion to be outside much, Daryll weed eating, wood chipper down below
soak corn overnight
Wednesday, May 2
plant corn in 4" pots, 8-9 per pot, cover on deck
transplant orach from Gabe Bed to Long Bed, make way for new retaining wall
cage peas in Bed 2 and Sam Bed, peas are stirring
beans and cukes are up, germinating on deck, no cover
harvest last of spinach in Sam Bed
Thursday, May 3
take out flowering kale, Edge 1 and Scotty Beds, save seed
plant out cilantro from 6 packs, Edge 1
plant out kolrabi from 6 packs, Scotty Bed, gallon pots
plant out parsley from 6 packs, top between lettuce
thin lettuce, Bed 5, plant out on top
weed carrots and assorted flower beds
cover eggplant on deck, no germination yet
Monday, May 7
take out white radishes in Gabe Bed
harvest for chef in evening. little gems, purple cauliflower, etc.
Daryll plant potatoes in little farm
Tuesday, May 8
very hot, 80's
get gopher in favas! Edge 2
finish harvest for chef, snip spring mix
transplant orach out of Gabe Bed into Long Bed
transplant russian kale out of Gabe Bed into Cherry Bed
plant out bronze fennel on top, new bed by faucet
plant out borage, Border bed on top
Wednesday, May 9
amend Bed 5, plant out celery from 6 packs
pot up 6 packs of impatiens and snap dragons
Thursday, May 10
plant out tuscan kale top of Bed 5 and fill in
seed plant dill, top of Edge 2
start to amend Beds 2,3,4 for beans in back, pull out cages
pot up watercress, pumpkins, 2 kinds of cukes
arrange flower pots on decks, start new succulents
plant out cosmos in asparagus pots
Friday, May 11
plant out beans in cages, Beds 2,3,4
yellow, purple, blue lake, haricouverts
Daryll planting sunchokes and sunflowers down below
" landscaping front entrance to barn
start 2 six packs parsley
direct seed chervil in Long Bed, cover
Monday, May 14
harvest for chef, take out all remaining little gems, spinach, chard, thin arugula
Daryll plants 12 tomatoes in Gabe Bed
Tuesday, May 15
build starting bed next to dutch door of New Room
plant 4 kinds of sunflowers, direct home seed, cover
Wednesday, May 16
transplant potted Blood Sorrel into Top Bed, clean up top garden
harvest Tuscan Kale seed, turn and amend Edge 2
plant out Romanesco Zucchini, Edge 2
connect irrigation drip hoses to each other (Daryll's suggestion), Edge 2
clean up bedroom deck, trim ivy etc. cut back blue violas, put in New Room
Thursday, May 17
thin rustic arugula in Long Bed, transplant into Cherry Bed
transplant shiso into Cherry Bed and Long Bed
rework irrigation,transplant amaranth, shaker seed 2 lettuce mixes and cover, Edge 2
set up cages for favas in Willow Bed, plan more beans here
Friday, May 18
foot still hurts, cramping my style
prep willow bed for butternut squash, going to direct seed
harvest onion seed from willow bed, a pleasant surprise, I just liked the flowers
harvest curly green kale seed from Sam bed, take down aphid infested seed plants
Thursday, May 24
bad gopher gets a tomato in Gabe Bed, setting traps
turn and amend: Sam, Scott and Willow Beds, mess with irrigation, its a mess
harvest red kale seed
plant out red sunflowers, nasturtiums

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