Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Eat With Your Eyes First

As sensory beings, our human experience of eating begins with vision and smell to get the digestive juices flowing. As a visual artist I'm drawn to shades of red and purple to lend edible hues to the landscape. Seed Catalogs grow to be treasure hunts for color as well as plant genres and flavors. Oh the joys of getting a seed order delivered on this rainy day, assuring time well spent pondering the possibilities.

This tantalizing variety of Orach is called "Magenta Magic." How could I resist?  Orach is native to the Alps and also called "Mountain Spinach," just right for my neighborhood. With a slightly salty taste, it plays well with acidity.  Succulent and highly nutritious, with pollen that attracts a certain fly that wards off aphids - Voila! A keeper!

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