Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Yen For Egg

I'm not one for gadgets but when my meatball buddy, Jon, heard I was on a crepe roll he gave me this ceramic-coated non-stick pan. Now I'm smitten. Its so slick you can cook with less fat and food just slides around the ultra-slippery surface.(from Bialetti Aeternum $30;

Lately, my food fantasies are  all about eggs. Its a rite of spring. After a morning of gardening and hungry for a high protein brunch, something quick and eggy stirs my appetite. No time for crepes, but a deconstructed omelet comes to mind.

So I scramble 2 eggs and cook them in the magic pan. Out slip 2 rounds ready to dress up.

The fridge yields leftovers, goat cheese and crunchy ginger green beans. They rise to the occasion.  Combine and reheat in the micro, lay in the egg, roll it up and Voila!
Looking slightly pale and naked, a squirt of sriracha gives a final touch of heat and color.
Call it a Crepelet? The New Egg Roll? Huevos Burritos?

Try this at home. Fillings may vary, let your fridge be your guide.

plant lettuce in Beds 3 and 5, shaker method
(mesclun mixes, 2 rows each: Sassy,Valentine, Gourmet Baby Greens)
transplant fava beans to Willow Bed
plant radish seed in Gabe Bed/center: Easter Egg Blend and White Icicle
plant out Fox Gloves in Ray's Bed, Red Lobelia in Cherry Bed
take out flowering arugula in Cherry Bed, turn and amend
plant out wasabi arugula starts and broadcast roquette seed in Cherry Bed
plant poppies in big pot

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