Sunday, March 11, 2012

Screwing Around


This weekend I put the screws on some do it yourself shelving. I don't have a greenhouse, but a sunny garden room with a long wall of recycled windows. The vegetable and flowers starts, out of the bedroom at last, were taking over the window side of the room. Random trays and pots spilled over wobbly boards balanced on jerry-rigged saw horses and looked pretty screwy. The space called for a makeover.

After close observation of the sun's movements, shelving seemed the best solution to consolidate the space and maximize all that California sunshine beaming through those tall windows. I went on the prowl for some metal shelves and came home so smug with my easy fix,  a tidy kit ready to assemble... with oodles... of itty...bitty... screws.

I do manage to screw things up regularly, but this project involved a whole lot of screwing and then more screw overs.  Adjusting each shelf to catch the light properly took a number of frustrating trial and error moments.  A few "Screw you!" and 4 letter words were muttered, and my not so nimble fingers went limp from countless fine turnings of the screw.

At the end of the day, no loose screws, and I'm pleased with the results. The shelving cost about $50 and would spark the imagination of any space challenged urban gardener with their head screwed on right; indoors by a sunny window, or outdoors in a small garden area, deck or rooftop.

Baby lettuce mixes sowed in boxes made to fit could flourish on shelves. They are shallow rooted and prefer some shade. Dinner time? Cut tender leaves right into the salad bowl and let them come again. Or how about a steady rotation of  micro greens ready to be snipped just steps away from the table?  Does it get any more fresh and local than that?

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