Thursday, March 29, 2012


Tuesday, March 6
harvest salad for fundraiser
cut back all endives in Bed 5
turn and amend Beds 3,5
plant lettuce in Bed 5, shaker method (Baker Creek Rocky Top Mix)
harvest last of mache
harvest chard for braising, frisee,escarole, and endive heads for chef
red mizuna up! spinach up! brassica micro greens up!
Thursday, March 8
plant lettuce in Beds 3 and 5, shaker method
(mesclun mixes, 2 rows each: Sassy,Valentine, Gourmet Baby Greens)
transplant fava beans to Willow Bed
plant radish seed in Gabe Bed/center: Easter Egg Blend and White Icicle
plant out Fox Gloves in Ray's Bed, Red Lobelia in Cherry Bed
take out flowering arugula in Cherry Bed, turn and amend
plant out wasabi arugula starts and broadcast roquette seed in Cherry Bed
plant poppies in big pot
Saturday, March 10
Yesterday: start 6 packs, indoors, orach, replant bronze fennel and shelling peas,
(for some reason the inoculated peas planted outdoors are germinating poorly)
Today: assemble shelving for new garden room, upgrade visual feng shui
Monday, March 12
plant out last pot of peas starts, Gabe Bed/right
seed plant 2 rows (sans shaker) rainbow radishes, Gabe Bed/right
dig up blue and variegated baby agave, transplant into decorative hanging pots on main deck
Tuesday, March 13
take out all red kale in Gabe Bed/left and Sam Bed, infested with aphids
put stalks in plastic bags, no compost
take out all curly kale on Edge 2
take out flowering arugula in Cherry Bed
Thursday, March 15
picking edible flowers for chef
orach up! bronze fennel up!
start herbs indoors: Italian Oregano, Spanish Thyme
start flowers indoors: Love Lies Bleeding, Exotic Love
(My sweetie chose the flowers, un guapo muy romantico!)
Tuesday, March 20
harvest for chef, still too wet to work soil
now sending "Artisan Spring Mix" Oh Joy!
rig work table in new room
indoor starts are up! radishes up! lettuces up! carrots up!
take off row covers
Thursday, March 22
plant arugula in Cherry Bed, shaker method, cover
pull broccoli in Scottie Bed, amend, plant 2 rows rainbow radish, 3 rows white radish,cover
turn in horse manure at end of Sam Bed
serious black aphid on chard in Sam Bed, cut back and spray with Safers
Tuesday, March 27
harvest for chef
clean up kale, aphids abound
thin arugula, red mizuna, brassica micro mix, radishes
thin out beets and transplant
shop for seeds
hunker down for 4 days of rain
Friday, March 30
In - start flats inside: 
watercress, bronze fennel, kohlrabi, cosmos, nicotiana,blue spike grass, borage
Out - take flats of seedlings outside to harden off 
Saturday, March 31
In - direct seed, Gabe Bed/left, French Breakfast Radishes, Long Standing Spinach
Out - sporatic weeding

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