Sunday, January 8, 2012


Mornings here at Voss Gardens begin with perusing the garden.
Making the rounds, like a doctor visiting patients.
Sipping coffee and reminding myself to be thankful. Enjoy the beauty before making the" to do" list.
Mostly I inspect for critter activity in the night.
Once you create a piece of heaven pie, everyone wants a slice.
Sure enough, gophers feasting on chicory roots, moles messing up the lawn.
Dang varmints! Must be vigilant!
Cleaned and oiled the traps. Set them. Sorry, you messed with the wrong gal.
Planted out fava beans in 10 gallon pots. Some had sprouted just soaking overnight.
Started lots, not sure how many will propagate. Can always transplant out of pots later.
Cleaned Long Bed to make room for more winter lettuces.
Paging through the new Johnny's Seed Catalog, so many choices.
Like a kid in a candy store...

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