Sunday, January 15, 2012

Owl Totems

No Ma, I didn't join the Owl Cult!

We put these Owl decoys on poles around the exterior of the house to scare away the woodpeckers.
Perched high, they say "Predator" to bird brains.
The shiny ribbons blowing in the wind further confuse the pests.
Otherwise they wreak havoc on our house, chipping away at the wood siding and lodging acorns in the holes, which are left to rot and attract rodents. Not pretty.
The pecking noise is enough to send one to the loony bin.
So far, as long as we move the "Scare Owls" around periodically, this method seems to be working in an environmentally friendly sort of way.
Meanwhile, legit Owls have been sighted.
Attracted by the fakes, they hover around looking for a good time, whooooing it up at night.
And the little peckers have moved on to the power poles.

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