Friday, January 6, 2012

New Ways

A food collaborator inspired me to revive this blog.
From henceforth it will be in diary form to document the doings of my mountain garden.
Life requires more time musing out in the field than indoors futzing with technology.
A diary will help me keep records usually scribbled on a calendar or random sticky notes.
Perhaps it will educate and entertain others

Despite these glorious sunny days, we need rain. I had to water today. Lots of clean up.
Taking down booby traps rigged for hungry deer last fall, spiffing up Mother Mary's shrine.
Started thinning arugula out of the green garlic bed. Ate it for lunch. The garlic is just poking up.
Thinned out some winter lettuces to make a bed of transplanted frisee, amended well.
Prepared more garlic for planting, just to see what happens.

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