Saturday, January 7, 2012

Little This Little That

Thinking peas and fava beans. Nitrogen fixers.
Cleaned up front Gabe Bed for pea planting.
(Beds are named after the people who helped me make them.)
Need to get pea seeds, thinking low growing variety that won't block the sun from what's growing behind them and/or taller varieties in cages at each end.
Visualizing lush tendrils on plates with purple pea blossoms that look like mini orchids.
Scotty Bed -weed, clean up chard, Asian greens and spinach, watch aphid activity in the broccoli.
Sam Bed - weed, clean up kale (4 varieties), and chard.
Prepared  a row of 10 gallon pots in front of the New Room for favas.
Soaking own beans overnight in preparation for planting.
Harvested first broccoli. Its whats for dinner with the stew.
Glad to have terraced areas where I can stand up to weed, easy on the knees.
Garden Ergonomics for aging Back to the Landers.
Big day for ideas, they come so easily sometimes....

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