Saturday, January 14, 2012


A day of weedn' and feedn',
in the garden with Eden...

Saturday, January 7
Scotty Bed -weed, clean up chard, Asian greens and spinach, watch aphid activity in the broccoli.
Sam Bed - weed, clean up kale (4 varieties), and chard.
Prepared a row of 10 gallon pots in front of the New Room for favas.
Soaking own beans overnight in preparation for planting.
Thinned out the rest of the arugula in the green garlic bed, fertilized and watered the young shoots.
Fertilized (a mixture of horse manure and magic powders) and watered the tuscan and curly kale, mache, and spinach on the 2nd terrace.
Recovered the compost, the critters dug up some egg shells and old bread.
Planted spring bulbs: crocus, narcissus,daffodils,lily of the valley.
Planted more garlic next to the frisee. It was almost dark. Never tried planting garlic in January.
Harvest carrots.

Friday, January 13
  • Purple Cauliflower starts in the Gabe Bed. They were seed planted in pots last October and sitting dormant on the deck, talk about root cramped.
  • Snow Peas in pots, Asian Ho Lohn Dow variety, hoping for purple flowers. Starting some outside and some inside. Its still January. Will plant out later.
  • Wasabi Arugula in flats, a new variety, my signature crop after all.
  • Little Gem lettuces in flats.
  • Valentine (Red) Lettuce mix in flats.

Saturday, January 28
Spent the morning spraying kale with Safer Soap and removing the most infested leaves.
Start snap peas

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